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Four beautifully illustrated books with the common theme of butterflies and tropical  forests are now being launched together on the initiative of  Redfern Natural History Productions. 

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Our Books


Three new hardbacks, and one limited edition, limited stock, folding soft cover Butterfly book.

Vicar of the Amazon

Professor Philip Howse


The Amazon Forest in Black and White

Professor Sir Ghillean Prance


The Spider-winged Cupid and the Platypus

Professor Philip Howse


Flowers, Fruits and Fables of Amazonia

Professor Sir Ghillean Prance


Seeing Butterflies

Professor Philip Howse


About Our Books

The aim is to draw as much attention as possible to the beauty of butterflies and moths, particularly those that inhabit the  tropical forests that are under growing threat from the effects of climate change,  and forest clearance

Vicar of the Amazon

Miles Moss went to Peru in 1907 and from 1912  to 1945 was the Anglican Chaplain of the largest parish in the world, one that encompassed the whole of the Amazon basin from Iquitos in Peru to the Atlantic; an area roughly 3,000 miles long and 800 miles wide, amounting to about one quarter of the South American continent.

The Amazon Forest in Black & White

This book is about the biology and situation of the Amazon rainforest. It is illustrated by the 250 black and white photos taken by Ghillean Prance during the course of his many expeditions to the Amazon region.

Seeing Butterflies, New Perspectives on Colour, Patterns & Mimicry

A book that enables you to see butterflies and moths with new eyes, revealing the reasons for the colours and designs on their wings.

Flowers, Fruits & Fables of Amazonia

This book is about a selection of interesting species of Amazonian flowers and trees. The biology and uses by indigenous peoples are described and many of their legends of origin are given. Illustrated by over 300 colour photos taken by the author.

Spider-Winged Cupid

This book develops and extends the author’s views about the evolution and defensive aspects of mimicry in butterflies and moths set out in ‘Seeing Butterflies; focussing on  some of the most incredible insect mimicry that exists in tropical forests throughout the world.  

“There are… few places in England where during one summer more than thirty species of butterfly can be collected; but here, in about two months, we obtained more than four hundred distinct species, many of extraordinary size, or of the most brilliant colours.

There is, however, one natural feature of this country, the interest and grandeur of which may be fully appreciated in a single walk: it is the”virgin forest.” Here no one who has any feeling of the magnificent and the sublime can be disappointed; the sombre shade, scarce illumined by a single direct ray even of the tropical sun, the enormous size and height of the trees, most of which rise like huge columns a hundred feet of more without throwing out a single brand, the strange buttresses around the based some, the spiny or furrowed stems others, the curious and even extraordinary creepers and climbers that wind around them, hanging in long festoons from branch to branch, sometimes curling and twisting on the ground like giant serpents, then mounting to the very tops of trees, thence throwing down roots and fibres which hang moving in the air, or twisting round each other form ropes and cables of every variety and size, and often of the most perfect regularity…. the strange fruits and seeds that lie rotting in the ground – taken altogether surpass description, and produce feelings in the beholder of admiration and awe.

It is here, too, that the rarest birds, the most lovely insects, and the most interesting mammals and reptiles are to be found. Here lurk the jaguar and the boa-constrictor, and here amid the densest shade the bell bird tolls his peal”

Letter to Neath Mechanics institute, written in 1948 after A R Wallace had been nine months in Brazil

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