Flowers, Fruits, and Fables of Amazonia


This book is about a selection of interesting species of Amazonian flowers and trees. The biology and uses by indigenous peoples are described and many of their legends of origin are given. Illustrated by over 300 colour photos taken by the author.

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About This Book

This book, beautifully illustrated with the colour photographs of the author, describes many of the interesting flowers and useful fruits of Amazonia. It includes much information on the uses by and beliefs of the indigenous peoples about many of the plant species described. The selection of plants varies from ferns and small herbs including many orchids to some of the tallest trees such as the Brazil nut and several of the most used species of palm trees. It is a book about the natural history of the Amazon rainforest illustrated by some of the information gathered from author’s studies in plant taxonomy, pollination ecology, ethnobotany and the beliefs of indigenous and local peoples, collected during his 39 expeditions in the Amazon region. Most of the plants species described have been accurately named through the accompanying voucher specimens deposited in herbaria in Brazil and elsewhere. The amazing variety of uses for the plants described vary from medicines, hallucinogenic substances, fibres, building materials, body paints, fish poisons and many edible fruits. There is a fascinating collection of fifteen of the indigenous myths about the origin of some of the plants discussed. The final chapter draws attention to the current destruction of the forest and includes appeals from indigenous peoples to protect the forest and to defend their rights to occupy and live from the forest.

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